We all grew up on heavy doses of sci-fi...

be it through film, television, toys, or play. When Dillon introduced us to his baby brainchild "The Axiom Chronicles" we all instantly fell in love. And the best part was he was willing to let us all hold, nurture, cultivate, and imprint the best parts of ourselves onto this fantastic story.

For just over a year now, we've been working on the development of this project. So far, we've created a 4 minute teaser, the first half of the pilot episode. Just recently, and with your help, our Kickstarter campaign to finish the first episode was fully funded! That means Episode 1 is going to be a thing.


On a dystopian planet in the far reaches of the cosmos, an evil sentient mechanical entity known as the Mechno-Hive has enslaved the organic races as their labor force. By controlling an ancient and mysterious crystaline power source known as the Axiom, they exert their tyrannical will on the entire planet. 

The fate and future of the planet, and it’s occupants lies in the hands of a young hero named Rake. It falls to Rake to learn to control the ultimate power of the Axiom for good, and bring peace to the world  he calls home. 

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Whether it was story, characters, or the visual design of Axiom, we were all given license to play to our strengths and contribute where we could. Mostly working on client based projects, Axiom became our passion project. A chance for all of us to create something of our own. It brought us together as a team and a family in a new way.

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Orphaned at birth, Rake was raised up in the streets of Power City, learning at an early age to watch after himself. The ruthless crime lord Shogun Syn took him in with the promise of a better life. Rake sports a robotic leg prosthesis, as well as some other implants improving him to become the perfect weapon. He has always felt that there is more out there for him than a life of crime and is compelled by a moral compass that supersedes anything Syn and his gang have ingrained into him, no matter how hard they try. It is this sense that drives Rake to be better than the world around him. Though he hates his mechanic oppressors, Rake has taken an interest in understanding them and how they tick. With the guidance of Dr. Bantom, Rake has learned much and is able to to reprogram and hack into the various systems of robots and machines within the city. 



The much needed comedic relief of the story, as well as faithful sidekicks to Rake, Dunebot and his trusty repair droid Sparky roam the roboticlands on a simple yet noble quest. Dunebot is a hydration harvester tasked with the humiliating job of hunting down any moisture he can find in this husk of land he calls home. There is something, however, that is more than meets the eye with Dunebot: he’s a free-ranged free thinking robot. Being that he isn’t linked to the Mechno-hive, he’s looked down upon and isn’t allowed to play any of the robot reindeer games. The other robots exiled him to the farthest corners of the roboticlands.

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The Ruthless leader to the Sons of Syn. Think one part smooth criminal, one part evil Mr. Miyagi, and one part weird alien dragon fish. He is a cold, collected killer that controls the upper sublevels of Power City. His influence casts a large shadow over the entire city, giving him eyes and ears everywhere. Syn takes on his first apprentice when Rake comes into the picture. Raising him from a young lad after witnessing a remarkable act of pure and deadly power, Syn knew he had to recruit him. Don’t be mistaken though, there is no sentiment between the two. Syn has spent the last 18 years reshaping him in anyway necessary to craft the perfect weapon out of him. We pick up our story in one of Rake’s first field tests to see whether or not he has what it takes to be a true Son of Syn.

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